I have always been a believer that the right people, situations, and things show up in your life for a reason but you have to be willing to listen in order to understand why.  

I was raised in a household that believed healthcare should be taken in a conservative manner meaning when I was sick and had a fever my parents didn’t rush to give me something to knock it down.  They believed that the body was doing what it was supposed to do and as long as things didn’t get out of control they didn’t feel the need to intervene.  I rarely took medications or saw the doctor unless I was really sick but looking at my childhood I did have some underlying issues.  I got ear infections fairly regularly, I had teachers saying I should be put on medication because I was too hyper and the weirdest of all every year on my mom’s birthday I would get very sick!  I would get a fever of 105 and I couldn’t eat or drink anything even water without running to the bathroom!  To this day we still don’t know why I would get sick like this every year at the same time but it would happen.

In the 6th grade, I started playing football which leads to my first football injury.  I sprained my ankle the last game of the season and in the following weeks, it locked up and was so swollen that I was having trouble walking.  A friend of my mom’s told us about this doctor called a chiropractor who could help.  I didn’t know what a chiropractor was but was willing to go because I wanted to walk again!

We made the drive over to the office of Dr. Paul Harris (who is still in practice today, check him out at https://www.hscwellnesscenter.com/) where I nervously waited to be called back.  I remember being super nervous for this appointment because I didn’t know what he did, all my mom told me was that they pop bones and you feel better.  In my head I pictured him folding me into some kind of Bruce Lee pretzel move and definitely didn’t want that.  

Finally, he called me back, spoke to me, and my mom in and a quick confident tone which I understood little of.  They seemed to agree on something and he asked me about my ankle.  He told me to lay down on this funny looking table and started to gently squeeze my ankle.  I felt him gently grab it and before I knew what was happening he quickly and expertly adjusted it with a loud POP!  He then instructed me to stand up.  In a memory that is still vivid as I write this, I remember swinging my legs off the side of the table and gently standing up and for the first time in weeks my ankle didn’t hurt when I put weight on it!  It was a miracle!  I couldn’t believe that I had suffered with this injury for so long and that it could be resolved so quickly!  Like any good doctor, he instructed me to take it easy on it and to come back in a few days to check my progress and like any kid, I didn’t listen and proceeded to play and run around as soon as I got home.  

From that day forward I was hooked and what I didn’t realize until years later was that the other seemingly unrelated health conditions also resolved due to my consistent chiropractic care.  My ear infections became a thing of the past, my yearly mystery illness was gone and my focus in school, what would nowadays be called ADHD,  improved dramatically to the point where I graduated in the top 1% of my high school.

Fast forward to my early adulthood, I was a college graduate in the workforce unsatisfied in my career looking for more.  I hated what I was doing for work and wanted a career where I could be my own boss and make a positive impact in people’s lives.  After some serious soul searching I came back to Chiropractic, which I knew all along I just never acknowledged it!

Life has a funny way of working out because my years in the workforce delayed my school entry enough to time it perfectly to meet my now wife Dr Lynn.  We shared similar interests in school and ultimately ended up getting married in the last part of school, in a chiropractic office of all places! You can see the picture below.  We started a family together with our son Rivers being born in 2017 and moved to Colorado shortly thereafter.

Our drive to build a results-driven cutting-edge office has led us to open Wild & Precious Optimal Living where we focus on children with Neurodevelopmental issues like ADHD, Sensory Processing, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Pandas, and Autism.  We help adults with issues like Lyme, Traumatic brain injury, sleep issues, pain, GI dysfunction and more.  

Of all the gifts chiropractic has given me the greatest is the understanding that our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal and that health truly comes from within.  In the healthcare industry, there is a lot of fear of symptoms, sickness, and disease.  We strive to restore the hope in all our patients and get them to understand that the body is innately intelligent.  It’s trying to adapt and do its best in a bad situation.  If we can help the body function better then symptoms will resolve and health can be restored. In any situation as long as we are breathing there is always hope that things can improve.